The Zebra Print Shoes Mania

Regardless of the season, shoe lovers are forever bitten by the animal print bug. Zebra print shoes are among the favorites in animal print because they make a huge fashion statement. With the burgeoning zebra print footwear trend, more and more people are falling for the charm of these black and white stripes.

Although shoes are worn for protecting one’s feet, there is no harm in looking stylish at the same time. Gone are the days when one would see such prints only on Milan fashion ramps as they were shunned by people who considered them impractical to be worn casually. As experimentation with different styles began, a large number of women wanted zebra print shoes to match their similarly printed dresses. Also, the need to look different from the rest has increased and there could be nothing bolder and smarter than these prints elegantly covering one’s feet.

All thanks to the celebrity fashion sense going bold, women who follow them are not shy of breaking the monotony in their social circle. Many prefer to match a black or white dress with zebra prints on their footwear. However, the fashion-forward ones opt to wear bold colors like hot pink or navy blue and team them with zebra printed stilettos. The only caution one must take while mismatching is to avoid looking atrocious. Stylish is matching the shoes with similar jewelry or scarf if the outfit is of a different color but atrocious is wearing awkwardly colored outfit, bizarre jewelry and throwing in some zebra printed shoes. Whatever combination is used, it must not be overdone.

Top fashion houses like Christian Louboutin and Jimmy Choo admit that although zebra printed stilettos are the highest selling footwear similarly printed flats and kitten heel shoes are huge in demand too. The flip side of wearing stilettos is that they are uncomfortable footwear for casual outings. Here is where ballet flats come to the rescue as they are very much in style and are extremely comfortable too. Especially the ones with these prints look adorable and can be teamed with jeans, skirts and almost everything else. Boots are the newest members to join the zebra-patterned footwear bandwagon. Winter is the season where ladies get the opportunity to show off their chic boots and fashion-conscious people swear by zebra printed boots. Unlike other kinds of shoes, most boots cover half of the legs and therefore are bought with great caution. Hence, buying boots with zebra-like prints is one of the top priorities in the winter boot shopping list.

Even though ladies dominate over men in the zebra-patterned footwear department and in the bold shoe fashion as a whole, men are increasing their pace to match up to the fairer sex. Zebra and similar print footwear is accepted by men with almost as much enthusiasm as women. Sport shoes with black and white prints on them are worn by men who dare to defy the norm. The quintessential 21st-century man does not hesitate to replace boring beach slippers and even sandals with zebra-patterned ones in his wardrobe.

Zebra print shoes give the wearer one more reason to love and respect animals. Also, they are a better option than wearing the ones made from actual animal skin. So, march to the nearest mall and treat your feet to a good pair of these lovely prints.