The Shoes Every Man Needs

Women are famous for having a hundred pairs of shoes, and as men we try to keep our numbers down to leave space in the wardrobe and save money. However, that doesn’t mean that we guys can get away with having just one or two pairs, and doing so will only mean that we come unstuck fairly often with nothing to wear for a particular event.

Shoes serve a variety of purposes being at once practical and stylish, and the exact role they’re designed to fulfill with change their design in such a way that they become practical in a very specific domain and with a set design; you can’t get away with wearing sandals to work for example. Below is a list of the shoes that all men need, to ensure that you don’t come up short. Then find an online discount shoes store and fill the gaps in your selection.

Smart Shoes – Probably the first shoes every guy needs and available from any good online discount shoes store. These are the simple black shoes that you will wear to with you to work. Pick something stylish and that’s comfortable enough that you can