Men’s Deck Shoes

Are you one of those men who like to stay ahead in terms of style and fashion? Do you like it when your friends and colleagues call you the style statement? If yes, then you must be knowing that the most trendiest item in the field of footwear for men are the deck shoes. Though these were originally used by the sailors, who used to work on the decks, nowadays men from all kinds of profession are using these.

Right from an adolescent to a teenager and adult, every man wants to wear this type of footwear. Apart from style, men’s deck shoes also provide an excellent grip. Thus a person walking on a slippery terrain can prevent himself from falling down. Being durable, this footwear can withstand severe weather conditions and keep the feet warm and dry. The sole of men’s deck shoes are also made of a special kind that prevents a person from skidding, especially when walking through the snow during the winter season.

Men’s deck shoes are usually made of leather and can be treated with oil to have a soft feel and lustre. Being water resistant, these shoes are great to wear when sailing or during the rainy season, as water is not allowed to stay on the shoes. This footwear is also very much comfortable to wear during jogging or any other kind of sports activities. These are available in a wide range of colours, from traditional white and black to blue, yellow and such others. The soles are also available in dark and light colours. Some of the most popular styles of men’s deck shoes are as follows-

  • Sebago classic boot: Nowadays, these are the hottest style in the range of deck shoes. These are the traditional moccasin on the upper part and the sole is made of wood. These adds class and elegance to the personality of the wearer. The upper leather is stitched with details and made to look attractive. The shoes have smaller heels.
  • Sebago Fairhaven shoes: These types are perfect for the days when one needs to keep on the shoes for a longer period. These provide the wearer with ultimate comfort and solid footing. The leather used for manufacturing these types are corrosive resistant.
  • Sperry shoes: This type of deck shoes have a leather lace up. The material is comfortable enough to be worn for the whole day and comes with detailed stitching. These shoes are ideal to be worn during the spring or summer season.

Men’s deck shoes can be worn with any type of attire, whether it is a casual outfit consisting of polo shirts along with jeans or shorts, or a formal wear. Wearing these shoes, a man can go confidently to a dinner party or a romantic date as well. These are very much comfortable and adds a style factor to one’s personality. Being very much durable also, they have gained popularity amongst the men, irrespective of age.