How to validate a fashion webstore by its “Contact Us” page?

If you are trying to make your shopping experience better through online shopping, then you would have definitely come across doubts and crazy thoughts. What would happen if an online store scam you? What if you don’t even receive the products? What if you receive the wrong products? Not only that, what if you pay way more than the standard price all around? Well, to exterminate these doubts and thoughts, you will have to do some crucial things.

As for today, we are going to check out how to spot a fake shopping site that might be waiting for the prey. Not only that, but we are actually going to do so by a straightforward method, that is checking the Contact Us page. But exactly how? Let’s examine!

Top 3 ways to determine a fake website through the “Contact us” page!

Well, here we go with the three ways that can help you determine which site is suspicious and a scam.

1. Dial the number!

One of the most convenient methods to determine if a store has actual support sitting right there to help customers is to contact them through the number. It will be quick and easy, and you will be able to know how professional they are. You can ask them about different products and see how their customer service responds.

But if you dial the number, and they don’t respond, that is where your suspicion should begin. You can try calling them on business days at different times to make sure they are not actually attending the call.

That is where you should start searching for other shopping stores like Zaful. You can find many on the internet; just make sure to check their reviews to see if their customers are satisfied or not.

2. Check them on the Maps

It does not precisely matter if it is an online store or a physical store; they would definitely have an office or warehouse from where they would do all the processes. This aspect might not be applicable to the dropshipping stores that simply outsource the products, but many of them have actual locations.

You can check this fact out on maps and see if they have their office or warehouse in an actual place. It will definitely give you a pretty good idea if the store is working legitimately or not.

3. Send an email!

One of the things to note about fake websites is that they usually have zero customer service. Many of them also do, so they can scam you even better, but most of them don’t. So, you can send a random email and see if they reply or not.

One of the craziest things that you can also do here is that you can send an email with a random order number and ask for its status. If they reply stating that it is in progress or is dispatched, you will have your answer!

The verdict

It definitely is effortless to spot a fake website through their contact us pages. But do note that it can be tricky too. They might also lure you by their lies by using their contact team. So, it is also better to check the reviews too to make things even better.