November 2021

5 Modest Islamic Women Clothing You Can Shop Online

As a woman, it is a general standard that you should dress modestly. But if you are a Muslim woman, you also know that there is a strong call for you to cover your body in a way that will not attract unnecessary attention in public. There are different types of Islamic women clothing you can get online from clothing stores. This article will help you make the right decision.

The truth is deciding on which cloth to choose is usually troubling, especially for people who have little or no idea about the different types of fabrics. There are pretty easy ways you can make nice choices and one of those is visiting modanisa reviews to check out other people’s experiences before deciding which one goes well with you.

Below are 5 Islamic dresses you can go for:

1. Hijab

The hijab is one of the most visible signs that a woman is a Muslim. Many fashionable people prefer to use the hijab as they are found in different styles and designs. While some prefer to wear the veil and allow it to fall just below their shoulders, some prefer the long type that goes down below their knee. You can find hijab in an online clothing store that mostly deals with Islamic dress for women.

2. Abaya

Abaya dress is one of the best modest Islamic clothing you can wear and look beautiful. The dress is a long sleeve garment. It comes in different shades and is mostly worn by women in the Middle East. But hey, does it matter if you are in the Middle East so far it will look nice on you? A good example of an online store where you can get abaya is Jumia online shop.

3. Jilbab

The jilbab is a long, loose fit coat or outer garment. It can be used by both women and men. The jilbab and abaya do not have much distinction but are both found in different styles and designs. Many online stores sell jilbab as some people use it in place of hijab to Islamic obligations.

4. Khimar

The khimar is a general term for a woman’s head and/or head covering veil. It is typically accustomed to describing a selected form of scarf that drapes over half of a woman’s body down to her waist. Khimar does not only promote modesty but also makes you look beautiful. You can find it in some online shops dealing with Islamic women’s clothes.

5. Chadar

This is a long cloak worn by women from the top of their heads to the ground. Though it is mostly worn in Iran without a face veil, and unlike the abaya dress, chadar is always fastened in the front. It can also be found in online shops.


Remember that looking good is always a good business and always dress modestly to earn that breath-taking complement when you appear at your best. Did you enjoy this article? Leave a comment and don’t forget to hit the like button.